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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Card Scent ***New Release***

So here is what is available in the store in just a bit.. Many more will be added as we go...

My Boyfriend's Tee-Shirt: Come on girls... We all know this smell.. His laundered shirt with the smell of his cologne... You smell it and see him...

My Guy: 100% all guy.. The good smelling kind!

Ladies Night: Getting all dolled up for a night of fun with the girls.. A splash of this.. A spray of that..

Sweetnilla: Vanilla pure and simple

Cake Batter: Vanilla cake batter

Cupcake & Sprinkles: Vanilla cake with fluffy frosting with sprinkles on top

Birthday Cake: Vanilla Bean Cake with butter cream frosting with a special added touch

Beach House: A day soaking up the sun with suntan lotion.. surf... And sand...

Seaside: A clean and refreshing blend of ocean and sea notes...

Coffee House: Your local coffee shop with the fresh brewing house blends...

Espresso: A rich and spunky in full strength form..

Cotton Candy: Just like your favorite suarlicious pink and blue sweet floss fair treat...

Caramel Apple: Sweet apple coated in caramel on the stick..

Pink Bubble Gum: Just like the old fashioned bubble gum you grew up loving...

Lollipop Swirl: Sugar spun into the multi confections of a sweet old fashioned tutti-fruiti lollipop

Rainbow Sherbet: raspberry, orange and pineapple

Cake Batter Ice Cream: Sweet cake batter with traditional vanilla ice cream

Vanilla Ice Cream: The sweet smell of Vanilla Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream: The sweet smell of Strawberry Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream: The sweet smell of Chocolate Ice Cream

Bubble Gum Ice Cream: Bubble gum mixed in traditional Vanilla Ice Cream

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: Vanilla-mint Ice cream blended with chocolate chips

Cotton Candy Ice Cream: Traditional Vanilla Ice Cream with cotton candy

Root Beer Float: Root beer with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Orangenilla- Vanilla with a kiss of orange

Baby Kisses- Sweet baby powder with a kiss of baby lotion

Sweet Baby- The smell of freshly sprinkled baby powder

Fresh Flowers- a fresh bouquet of flowers and greens from your favorite flower shop

Summer Sweetness- sun kissed pineapple and coconut

Fresh Cut Grass- The smell of freshly mowed grass

Honey Bee- 100% honey

Baby Bee- Honey with a soft, light and comfortable blend of a kissable baby


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Melissa Craig said...

Oooh! These sound totally yummy!!

Georgia Ehrmann said...

Making me!

Dee said...

Oh wow I can't wait to smell these! Fab choices for scents.