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Friday, June 5, 2009

Mark Your Calendars!!

The next big release of sugary sweet images is coming on Thursday, June 11th. The design team has been hard at work, creating samples using the new images. There are 8 new images in this release and one lucky stamper will win the ENTIRE RELEASE! How's that for a Sweet Treat?

This will be our first Big Release Party and it will be SO MUCH FUN! This is a release party that you won't want to miss!

Get ready for a Virtual Girls Night Out Bingo Party!!

WHEN: Thursday, June 11th
TIME: 9 p.m. - Midnight EST
WHAT: Bingo, Chit Chat, Challenges, Prizes

We will be playing Virtual Bingo at the Release Party. The Grand Prize Winner will take home the ENTIRE NEW RELEASE - 8 images total!!

How to Play Virtual Bingo Online:

First, let's define what a "card" is in Virtual Bingo. In regular bingo you have a card with 25 squares and you match up the rows and columns (B1, etc) to get 5 in a row.

In virtual bingo, there is not an actual card - it's a LIST of 25 words. You can keep it in LIST form or you can put it in a grid form like a traditional bingo card. However, since it's virtual and you can't see participant's cards - there is no need to worry about getting 5 in a row or anything like that. FIND THE LIST HERE!

The winner is the first person to mark off all 25 words on her "card". It's basically blackout bingo.

We'd love for you to join us! Here's what you need to do before the Party Kicks Off at 9 pm EST on June 11th!

1. A List of Bingo Words will be posted at the MSB blog. FIND THEM HERE!

2. Select 25 words from the list and keep it in a safe place.

3. Email your list of 25 words to at any time but no later than 8:55 pm EST on the night of the release party Bingo. Please have your full name as the Subject of your email.

4. Join us in the MSB Group over at PCP on June 11th. The first 5 Bingo words will be called at 9pm EST. Words will continue to be called, 5 words at a time, throughout the evening, about every 15 minutes or so.

5. The first person to yell BINGO on the PCP chat page will win ("cards" will be pulled up and verified). The prize: the entire 6-11 Release!!! Winner may substitute images from the store in the event that she has already purchased any of the new images.

6. Anyone who wants to participate will get one "card" (or list of 25 words) for the Bingo. You can earn additional "cards" by shopping at the MSB store any time during the week. The more "cards" you have, the better chance you have of winning! You earn an additional "card" by shopping in the store prior to the Bingo party. For every $10 in images you purchase you will receive an additional card . Your bonus "cards" still need to be completed and emailed to the Bingo email ( by 8:55 EST on the night of the release party Bingo.

There will be lots of fun chatter and a few challenges too! Come spend a few hours with The Sugars. Other prizes will be given away throughout the Release Party as well!

The design team will be sneak peeking over the next several days so be sure to visit The Sugars and see some little snippets of what is to come!


The owners of MSB will be giving away the entire new release to a lucky customer AND to the DT as well. But don't worry all you Sugar Addicts, the DT will be playing separately!


Georgia Ehrmann said...

Sounds like a whole lot of fun! Can't wait!

Tink said...

Cant wait to PARTY!! I added the button to my Blog!!

Cr8ive ME said...

How exciting. I added a button onto my blog.


Scrubbysue said...

How fun! looking forward to it. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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