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Saturday, August 1, 2009

An Interview with Jacquie Peifer

Good morning Sugars!! Can you believe that it is August already? I'm so happy to introduce our Guest Designer for August to you today! The Javabluestamper herself, Jacquie Peifer, has agreed to graciously design with us this month! She's been a fan of Modern Sugar Blvd images for awhile now! The line designed by Lindsay really captured her eye - and she's already designed wonderful cards in the last few months.

I am lucky enough to call Jacquie my friend and am so excited to have her designing with us this month! Be sure to visit her blog - her cards are inspiring and her writing style is enchanting. I always feel like I'm sitting on her couch, sipping from a cup of coffee, chatting away!
As you know, I ask each of our designers a few questions so we can all get to know them better! Here's Jacquie's:
Tell us about the first time you stamped.

The first time I stamped was about 12 years ago or so. I had attended a SU Party and had thought it would be fun! Little did I know that it would become an addiction! Well, you know, you just NEED everything! What I had learned, at that first party was just the tip of the iceberg!! SO much fun to be had AND shared!

What 3 stamp related products can you not live without?

I cannot live without my cuttlebug, for use with my embossing folders and nesties!! I would not want to go without my Copics and, of course, I NEED background paper (or DP).

What is your favorite technique to use?
I would have to say that one of my fave techniques is paper piecing, although I am not always the best at it!! I LOVE the look of it!!!

What process do your follow to create a card?
After choosing my image, I choose the DP I will use. If I don’t have any to suit my needs? I will then check out which embossing folders I have!! This decision determines the colors I will use for my image! However, nine times out of ten? I have a piece of DP sitting in front of me, while I color. I am that matchy, matchy kind of person! {she totally is!}

Describe your style for us.
I LOVE everything to match!! I tend to use several different DP’s that coordinate with each other. I have to have JUST the right shade of ribbon and other embellishments. If I don’t? The whole creation will NEED to be re-thought! Once I see all the things that I have, that match? I just kind of….go with it!

I feel like something is missing from a card if it doesn't have __.
Patterned paper (DP) to match it!!

If you won the lottery, what stamp related item(s) would you buy first???

This is a TOUGH question for me! Our craft is one that makes you NEED everything! I would have to buy MORE Copics!! I just LOVE them! That and Nesties! Of course I would NEED lots of Patterned paper (DP), not like I don’t have a ton already!

If you knew you were dying, who would you will your crafting supplies to???

I would have to divide it amongst my online stamping friends!!! They are ALL such awesome ladies!! Everyone in the stamping community is SO encouraging, I would have to share with them!!

If you could attend a stamping party with 3 of your "idols" who would they be?

Wow, I really don’t know, that would be tough! Maybe two, that I can think of, would be Marianne Walker and Tim Holtz.

What is your favorite MSB image or line?

I would have to honestly say the SOO Mama line. I LOVE Lindsay Dyers’ images! I had never seen them, until I visited your shop!

Along that same line - what MSB image is You?
I would say Rock on Mama!
(that's what I would've said too!!)

What's your guilty pleasure?

I LOVE relaxing with a glass of Pinot Grigio or even a cold beer.
Even if that doesn’t happen too often!

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I see myself teaching bigger stamp classes and having my own local store!!

Tell me more about you - the basics: family, job, other hobbies/interests, etc. Anything you want people to know about you. Have you ever been published/won a stamping contest, etc.

I am a mother of 3 AWESOME kids and I have been with my SWEET husband for 16 years. I LOVE cats and have 3 of them! When I was working, I was a Dental office Administrator. However, I did also help out as a Dental assistant. A few other interests I have, are reading and music. Before having children, I was a lead singer in a rock band! I LOVE meeting new people and making new friends!
And here are a few of Jacquie's favorite creations using Modern Sugar Blvd images:
Happy Blogging Mama - Jacquie spread happiness through her computer to everyone she meets in blogland, just like Blogging Mama!

Awesome - Jacquie used I Love to Charm on this card. You can see her use of patterned paper here and she never skimps on the embellishments either!

Thanks for shedding a little light on YOU Jacquie! We are PUMPED about having you here this month and can't wait to see what you SHARE with us and all the Sugar Fans!!


Georgia Ehrmann said...

Yahoo! So glad to have you on board for August!

Lindsay said...

yay!!! I am sooo excited! I love Jacquie and her creations!!

Tenia Nelson said...

Welcome!!! Great cards by the way!!