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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fond Farewell: Rachel Henahan

We are approaching the end of our first term with the Modern Sugar Blvd Design Team. Those gals we affectionately call "The Sugars". Every Sugar is so talented and their creations have been much appreciated over these last several months.

Some of the Sugars are continuing on but several of our Sweet Girls are stepping down, due to other commitments that they had already made. We will greatly miss having them design with us each month. Of course, we'll still be keeping an eye on them, checking them out and cheering them on in their future endeavors - that's just what Sugars do, after all. I feel like it's kinda like the Marines: "Once a Sugar, Always a Sugar!"

I wanted to give each gal a Fond Farewell here on the blog and hope that you'll enjoy a bit of insight into who she is and leave her some love at the end!

Rachel Henahan

I first ran into Rachel in blogland over as Paper Makeup Stamps was launching. She is a sweetheart and of course, wonderfully talented. She is currently recovering from gall bladder surgery and all of us Sugars are thankful her surgery went well, praying for her continued recovery and that she'll continue to feel better and better with each day. Keep up posted Rachel!

I asked each of the designers to answer a few questions and I share Rachel's interview with you now!

MSB: What is your favorite thing about digi stamps?

Rachel: I love the convenience and the flexibility of sizing and editing your images!

MSB: What MSB image is YOU - represents you, your style, your personality, your soul,your interests, etc.

Rachel: I am the Yoga Mama! So zen, yet stylish! Ha. Well, I like to think I am stylish!

MSB: What color combo is your favorite?

Rachel: Brown... with just about anything!

MSB: What is your favorite technique?

Rachel: I am not sure if is a technique, but it should be. I think Copic should be a noun and a verb! So I copic on just about every card. I am an addict. (MSB: I bet Copic agrees! And lots of other designers as well. And I definitely think it's a technique and a SKILL!!!)

MSB: And finally 2-3 of your favorite creations using MSB images.

Seed Carton Box

Seed Packet

Blogging Mama
Thanks again Rachel for being part of the first Modern Sugar Blvd design team. We can't wait to see what's next on the horizon for you.
Check out all of Rachel's Modern Sugar Blvd creations HERE!

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Georgia Ehrmann said...

Best of luck in your future crafting endeavors and I hope you will be 100 percent better medically! I want to thank you for the chance to work on the same team with you and I will be checking your blog often to see how you are doing!