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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A few more Sugar Sneaks

Hello Sugars!

I wanted to share some more creations with you from the design team using new images that will be released tomorrow - Thursday, July 23rd!

The first one I'm sharing today is a new one you haven't seen here yet! I think it's incredible and I love how Wendy and Tenia both got such different feelings out of the same image!

Here is Wendy's card: isn't that torn paper beach/water/sunset SO COOL?? YES!!

And then here is Tenia's version. Much subtler colors and soothes my soul! Notice they both put her in a green shirt!

The next set of images I wanted to share are our new Lipstick image. I just love being a girl and all that fun stuff! Lipstick is very girly and to me is Powerful and Sassy and Fun and Sexy!

This first card is Mary's creation. If you know me, you know I'm a FAN of anything polka dotted - especially if it's black polka dotted! It's the perfect backdrop to her card too! Look at all those wonderful shades of lipstick! How fun would this be for a invite to a makeover party or for a friend that sells makeup products?

Up next is Sharon's card using the lipstick image as well. Again love the colors - and notice the shading she added with her white gel pen.
I totally agree with the sentiment that she used. Every single one of us is beautiful.
I hope you feel beautiful today!!

Next is our Growing Up image -- perfect for the little boys in your life. We've gotten some great comments on this image.

First is Crystal's card, using that tried and true sentiment. I think it's a perfect pairing with this image! And how clever is she to add a puppy dog tail to the little guy? I KNOW! Huh!?!?!

Too, too cute Crystal! Mary also created a sample using the Growing Up boy. Isn't he the sweetest? It's a great layout and the patterned paper she paired with him is soooo boy!! Her sentiment is almost the same as Crystal's. I guess it's not so cliche!!! *grin*

The new Reach image is another personal favorite. Crystal created another stunning card using her in a completely new way to me! I love this card! Everything about it! Just so you know!! Support bracelets were made popular several years ago by Lance Armstrong. If there is a cause out there, they have colors to show support for it. What a great image that you can use over and over again to show your support for those causes near and dear to your heart.

Tenia created this first card* and I love all the pink! The image is framed beautifully by that flower and the sentiment of "hope" is just perfect. Short, but oh, what power!!
*Actually, now that I think about it - maybe it's a notepad since there is a pen in the picture!
Wendy created this beauty using the same Support image and again, the concept of HOPE. She shows off some mad cutting skills and I love how the ribbon is tied through one of the bracelets.

The last images I have for now is of Hoodie Mama. Totally relate to this girl. I don't actually own very many hoodies, but I love the casual look they have. And the one I do own is a favorite!

Tenia created this card and I think all that white with the pop of blue is terrific! Lots of interest too in all the different flowers that she used - not everything has to match perfectly every time to look stunning!! Hoodie Mama Looks Good and so does this card!

Next up is another creation by Wendy; her blond Hoodie Mama has got some serious sass going on! The gems and ribbon are such pretty touches without overpowering her terrific image!

That's all from me for now! Don't forget that these images and more will be released tomorrow in the store! Be sure to check back!

Leave some love for these awesome designers!! And tell us what new image is your favorite!!

Have a beautiful day Sugars! ~Cassie

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Georgia Ehrmann said...

Great creations Sugars!! You all rocked it out!