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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fond Farewell: Joni Wilson

We are approaching the end of our first term with the Modern Sugar Blvd Design Team. Those gals we affectionately call "The Sugars". Every Sugar is so talented and their creations have been much appreciated over these last several months.

Some of the Sugars are continuing on but several of our Sweet Girls are stepping down, due to other commitments that they had already made. We will greatly miss having them design with us each month. Of course, we'll still be keeping an eye on them, checking them out and cheering them on in their future endeavors - that's just what Sugars do, after all. I feel like it's kinda like the Marines: "Once a Sugar, Always a Sugar!"

I wanted to give each gal a Fond Farewell here on the blog and hope that you'll enjoy a bit of insight into who she is and leave her some love at the end!


I first discovered Joni through the Club Anya goings on and was instantly wowed by her artistic talents. For me, it was right about the time that she started doing the townhouses and I loved them. Joni has a sweet spirit that just shines through in her writing and I can imagine that talking with her is exactly the same!
SO - you can imagine how excited I was when she applied for the Modern Sugar Blvd team. And created one of those terrific townhomes with an MSB image too! Remember this?
It's been a delight having Joni as one of our very first designers. Thank you so much Joni for sharing your talent with all of us. We wish you all the best in your future crafty endeavors. We will miss you.
I asked each of the designers to answer a few questions and I share Joni's interview with you now!
Joni: Hi Cassie! This is such a sweet idea, thank you so much for celebrating our DT time, as I am sad to leave the Blvd. :(
MSB: What is your favorite thing about digi stamps?
Joni: My favorite thing about digis are its convenience. It's so easy to print out a sheet of perfect images! I also love that it is eco-friendly and takes up a small spot on my craft table in a flash drive. :D
MSB: What MSB image is YOU - represents you, your style, your personality, your soul,your interests, etc.
Joni: The MSB image that I associate myself with is On The Go Mama. With 6 kids, this is so familiar to me. ;) (MSB: And have you seen her precious kiddos? Beautiful and Exotic!) And I absolutely love Pam West's images as I love gardening and flowers.
MSB: What color combo is your favorite?
Joni: My favorite color combo is anything with bright bold colors. Life is too short to be dull. (MSB: OH! What an awesome attitude to have towards life!)
MSB: What is your favorite technique?
Joni: Right now my favorite technique is using texture on cards - like flower soft, stickles, fun flock. I love the dimension and how tactile it is.
MSB: Share with us a few of your favorite MSB creations.
Joni: 3 of my favorites:
My Hippie Chick

My Race Car
MSB: (aren't those buttons adorable!?!)

My Church Window
Thank you all for my time on the Boulevard, I will wear the badge proudly of being an original Sugar! Love and Aloha, ~*Joni

Love and Aloha to you too Joni!

See all her Modern Sugar Blvd Creations HERE!
Be sure to stay tuned this week as we say Farewell to other Sweet Sugars too!!


Melissa Craig said...

Cassie - you did a beautiful job with this!! I am fortunate enough to know Joni personally and she sounds just like you hear her in the printed word. She has the most inspiring outlook on life given her experiences - I stand in awe of my friend.

Thank you!!

Georgia Ehrmann said...

Great interview Cassie! And of course; a great person to interview!

PaperCrafty said...

Fun interview Cassie! I am very fortunate to be able to call Joni a friend. We met on SCS four years ago and have been part of each other lives daily. She is such an inspiration to me and others!!

~*Joni said...

OHHHH! Why am I crying?!?! This was such a fun DT to be on and I am so proud to be a Sugar. You all were such a fun bunch to work with - it felt like one big party all the time. lol! Thank you so much Cassie, this was an awesome way to end my Sugar-y career. I may not live on the Blvd. any more, but I will definitely be shopping there!! ;)

Jana M. said...

Joni, it has been so great working with you. You are truly inspirational!!!

Take care, Sugar!